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To get optimal results from your laser treatments, there are certain factors to consider. The skill level and experience of your laser specialist, the type of laser used and how your care for the tattoo post treatment all play a vital role in the your results.

Are You a Candidate for Laser Treatment?

You are not a candidate for laser if any of the any of the following apply to you:

1. You are pregnant.
2. You are breastfeeding.
3. You are prone to keloids.
4. You are on Antibiotics or Acutane.
5. You have a compromised immune system.

95% of laser tattoo removal is done by your immune system, If you are sick, feeling run down or just getting over being sick, do not get lasered.

If you get treated under these circumstances your treatment will be less comfortable and you will not get the optimal results. For those with a compromised immune system (such as auto immune deficient or diabetic) the process of tattoo removal will be slower than someone with a healthy immune system.

Sun Exposure and Tans

DO NOT get lasered if you are at all tan or red from sun exposure on your tattoo. Lasering your skin when you have a tan increases the risk of permanent pigmentation issues. If you have had any sun exposure at all on the tattoo you want to laser please do not get treated until you skin is back to its normal color.

This applies to "fake" tans such as tanning beds or use a topical tanning lotion or accelerator. Always use a sunscreen with at least 9% zinc oxide on your tattoo with any sun exposure during the laser process.

Your Lifestyle and Health Post Laser Treatment

Your personal health and lifestyle will affect the results of your tattoo removal. Exercising regularly and drinking lots of water will help your body break down and digest the tattoo pigment.

Smoking cigarettes has an adverse effect on the removal process because it slows down your circulation. The entire process of tattoo removal relies on your lymphatic system, circulation, blood flow and white blood cells.

Results May Vary, Be Patient!

The FDA has no regulations on tattoo pigments. Therefore manufacturers are not forced to disclose the ingredients. As a result of this, we do not know how any given pigment will respond to a laser treatment until we laser it.

The age of your tattoo directly correlates with how quickly and effectively it will be removed. Tattoos that are under a year old or over 15 years old are typically more responsive to laser. Although laser treatments are fast, seeing your results takes some time.

You are not going to wake up the day after a treatment with your tattoo significantly different. The initial changes will be as simple as the line work will not be as solid and the colors of the tattoo may look different. For example, the black ink may look gray or brown and the line work will look fuzzy. Please keep in mind that all tattoo removal results are individualized. Results vary from person to person as well as from tattoo to tattoo. Remember, with time, patience and laser, anything is possible.

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