Thank you so much for your interest in laser tattoo removal.

We would love the opportunity to work with you!

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Clean Canvas More Art has specialized in Laser Tattoo Removal and Tattoo Lightening since 2007 and is operated by technicians with over 16 years of laser experience.

⚡️How Does It Work?

Tattoos naturally fade over time as our immune system recognizes ink as a foreign substance in our body. However, only so much can be naturally broken down due to how large the ink particles are.

Using the laser, we trace over your tattoo and energy penetrates your skin where it is absorbed by the tattoo ink. As the tattoo ink particles absorb the energy, they heat up and then shatter into tiny fragments. The shattered fragments of the ink are then able to be processed and passed through your immune system.

Your body responds to this trauma by sending the macrophage cells which engulf the tattoo ink like an internal game of pac-man. Over the weeks following treatment, these cells continue to break down the tattoo pigment and are flushed away by your body's immune system. This results in the lightening appearance of your tattoo and continues during each laser treatment.

To ensure optimal results, be sure to drink plenty of water after treatments and avoid getting lasered while feeling sick.

⚡️Does It Hurt?

Yes, laser treatments are uncomfortable but fast and most treatments typically take less than 5 minutes. Most clients compare the sensation to a rubber band snap.

Women may prefer to schedule appointments when not menstruating as treatments may feel more uncomfortable.

To help keep you comfortable, prior to your treatment ice packs are applied to pre cool the skin and all laser treatments include the use of a Zimmer Chiller -a machine that blows very cold condensed air at the treatment site.

In addition, for larger sized tattoos, we offer a topical numbing cream at an additional cost of $25.00 per laser treatment. The numbing cream is applied in the office and will remain on your skin for approximately 50 minutes prior to your laser treatment. The cooling effect of the chiller and the use of numbing cream keep you as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

⚡️Lightening My Tattoo vs Full Removal

Laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening require the same type of laser treatment. The only difference between laser tattoo removal vs. lightening is the number of treatments and how much time it will take to achieve your desired results.

Most Tattoos do not need to be completely removed in order to do a coverup tattoo. We always recommend keeping in communication with your tattoo artist and showing them your progress. Ultimately, they will be the one to let you know when your tattoo is light enough for them to work over.



Laser treatments are fast but seeing your results takes some time!

Day to day and week to week your tattoo will continue to lighten. Overall lightening will not happen uniformly throughout the tattoo. Some areas of your tattoo may lighten dramatically while other areas are slower to respond as the distribution of ink throughout the tattoo is not consistent.

It takes multiple treatments to penetrate through all of the varying depths of ink in a tattoo. If a tattoo is particularly dark or bold, it will require more treatments to remove the ink compared to lighter shaded tattoos with a lower density of ink.

If you have a dark/dense tattoo (think 90's tribal or American Traditional) the initial 1 to 3 treatments may have initial changes that are as simple the tattoo appearing fuzzy/not as solid, and the colors of the tattoo may look different.

For example, black ink may look gray or brown and may look fuzzy around the edges. Where lighter, gray wash/shaded tattoos will typically have noticeable results from the initial treatment.

Tattoo removal results are individualized. Results vary from person to person as well as from tattoo to tattoo. There are no guarantees regarding the results of any laser treatment.

It takes one full year post laser for your skin to heal completely.

⚡️Will My Skin Look The Same?

Laser can cause changes in the natural pigmentation of the skin as well as texture.

An excess of melanin may be stimulated in the laser treated area and can create a darkening of the skin tone around the lines of the tattoo called hyper-pigmentation. Your technician may recommend a skin lightening serum or vitamin C serum to regulate the melanin production during the course of your treatments.

Laser treatments can also cause hypo-pigmentation, which is a loss of the natural pigment of the skin. These changes can sometimes be permanent and following proper after care and sun guidance post treatment, drastically cuts down these risks.

*Skin types IV and higher on the Fitzpatrick Scale are more prone to these pigmentation issues.

If your tattoo feels raised, textured, bumpy - this is scarring from the tattoo process itself. Removing the ink with laser will NOT change the fact that the skin has scarring/texture/natural discoloration.


Just like the Tattoo Removal Process, the healing process will be individualized and can vary treatment to treatment and from tattoo to tattoo.

Your technician will discuss in detail the required aftercare to ensure you will have a seamless recovery.

Please review the Aftercare tab to see a full description and to assess any products you may want to purchase prior to your treatment.

Aftercare kits are available for purchase at $25.00 . This kit will include everything you need to care for the laser treated area (bandages, tape, soap, sterile lancets, medicated ointments and moisturizers) Proper aftercare ensures the best results possible.

⚡️Things to Know Before You Book

Please DO NOT book while you are pregnant and/or breast feeding

If you are prone to keloids it is not advised to get any laser treatments.

If you are on Antibiotics or Accutane, wait to book a treatment until you have finished medication.

If you have a compromised immune system your results will be slower and the process may not be as successful as someone with a healthy immune system.

We cannot laser any tattoo that has been recently sun tanned/sunburned or has had recent prolonged and unprotected sun exposure. This includes the use of tanning beds and sunless tanning sprays/lotions. Please allow your skin to heal from any sunburn completely and any deep or significant tan to fade prior to booking to avoid damage to your natural skin pigment.

Smoking cigarettes will have a negative effect on your results. Smoking slows down your body's circulation and blood flow which slows down how your body breaks down the pigment in your tattoo

If you have had and/or are prone to Cold Sores or Fever Blisters then you are at risk for an outbreak post treatment. Laser treatments create stress on the body's immune system which can induce an outbreak. Please take an antiviral medication before each treatment to avoid the possibility of an outbreak.